WAH PRO version

Our auto update module has been updated and now it is faster and secured more, so you can receive the new plugin version without any server issues. Our team added the new feature, now you can toggle (open/close) sidebar with the main button and not only with the “close” button. Bug fixes Code optimization Performance […]
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WAH PRO version 0.1.7 released

New Autoupdate module has been implemented Bug fixes Code optimization WAH Team recommends to uninstall the previous version of the plugin and install WAH PRO 0.1.7.
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WAH PRO version released

Bug fixes Code optimization Added new option to enable/disable plugin auto updates to save your server traffic and optimize your website:
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WAH PRO version 0.1.6 released

Better WPML support (widgets order bug fixed) Minor IE 11 bug fixes Optimization
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WAH PRO version 0.1.5

New release – new features! Custom titles selector In the 0.1.5 version we added the nre feature that allows to our customers control titles selectors. The default titles on every website defined by H1-H6 tags, but now you can tune this settings. You can add css selectors (classes or ids) devided by commas, and we […]
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WAH PRO version 0.1.4 released

WP Accessibility Helper (WAH) PRO version 0.1.4 released! New feature! Inspector mode! Now you can select every element on the web page, and display it inside Inspector popup and focus user attention on it. Sepia mode added Monochrome mode added Large mouse cursor added Contrast mode bug fixes Code optimization for better Google Page Speed […]
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WP Accessibility Helper (WAH) PRO version 0.1.3 released

WP Accessibility Helper (WAH) PRO version 0.1.3 released! CSS light/dark theme issues fixed. New icons added to sidebar buttons Limit contrast variations bug fixes Purchase the WAH PRO plugin now – WP Accessibility Helper – WordPress accessibility made easy!
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WP Accessibility Helper (WAH) PRO version 0.1 released

WP Accessibility Helper (WAH) PRO version 0.1 released! After the long development process, a lot of bugs has been fixed. Polylang support has been added to the new 0.1 version of WP Accessibility Helper Pro plugin! From now, WAH PRO automatically detect if Polylang has been installed, and let you ability to manage all plugin […]
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WAH PRO 0.0.8 – big update & new features

Big update & new features WAH Team proudly presents WAH PRO 0.0.8 with a lot of  new features & bug fixes! Image alt tooltip on mouse over, details here Admin CSS improvements and optimizations Font size now saved in “page to page” settings across all your website WAH Logo customizer! Change logo colors and background […]
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[Feature] Image alt tooltip

WAH Team presents the new WAH Pro plugin feature called “Image alt tooltip”! When enabled, mouse hover on all images will display tooltip with alt text on it. This feature currently on beta stage, BUT in the next plugin release you will get it. Look some quick preview here
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