Who we are?

WAH Team started our journey in 2014, when most of the sites were not accessible to people with certain restrictions. It bothered me and my colleagues a lot … We thought for a long time how we could, at least slightly improve or change it for the better.

At first, we released a free version of our WordPress plugin to understand how much it will be in demand and whether it will help people in general.

To our surprise (pleasant surprise), we found a huge number of people who liked our plugin. We have done a tremendous job in terms of optimization and code quality, taking into account all your requests and wishes!

Today, the free version of our plugin has been installed on over 20,000 sites around the world. Every day we receive a huge number of suggestions for improving and promoting our plugin and this is the merit of each of YOU.

Dear friends, thank you so much!


WAH PRO full features list:

  1. Skip links menu
  2. Skip link inside WAH sidebar before exiting
  3. Font resize (rem, zoom or script) + reset font size button
  4. DOM Scanner – check pages and posts for accessibility errors, like: image alt, links role and titles, and much more.
  5. Custom colors for contrast mode
  6. Lights Off mode
  7. Actions & Filters Hooks was added (please read FAQ section)
  8. Custom logo position
  9. Contrast mode (color gamma)
  10. Unload all css files (display page in raw html)
  11. Underline all links
  12. Highlight all links
  13. Attachments control center with ability to add/edit images titles and alt tags ( screenshot #4 )
  14. Alt+Zopen accessibility sidebar
  15. Alt+Xclose accessibility sidebar
  16. more info about accesskeys HERE
  17. Control all attachments images from one place with AJAX functions
  18. role="link" for each a tag
  19. Remove title attributes from links
  20. HTML5 Landmark control center ( screenshot #5 )
  21. Save contrast mode with user cookies
  22. Clear selection from cookies
  23. Hide sidebar in mobile devices controls
  24. Control sidebar position (left or right)
  25. Greyscale images controls
  26. Dark & Light Themes controls
  27. Font family controls (CSS Web Safe Font Combinations)
  28. Invert colors & images mode
  29. Remove CSS Animations option
  30. Readable Font option (quick swtich to Arial font family)
  31. Sortable widgets order (drag and drop)
  32. Titles highlight
  33. Accessible minibar – docs
  34. Accessible widgets & shortcodes
  35. Accessible modal windows/popups
  36. Sidebar layouts manager (standard, wide and magic layouts ) – Video preview
  37. Accessible accordions with ability to control colors  Video preview
  38. WPML & Polylang support, allows you change WAH PRO settings per site language
  39. Text align module
  40. ADHD friendly profile
  41. Themes support
  42. Accessibility statement module
  43. Inspector module
  44. Letter spacing module