We are all equal!

Today’s digital world enables people to access information, learn remotely, shop online and create incredible things by using their computer.

Our vision is to strive for easy access to all available information without barriers. We believe that ability to access and use online content should be open to everyone regardless of any impairment or disability. We believe that even if you have only a keyboard or a screen reader device, this should be enough to do what you want online in your own way. And we believe that we all must put the user, any user, first.

We at WAH Accessibility Services are committed to helping website owners improve the accessibility of their websites and strive to make the Internet accessible for everyone.

We are all equal

The Plugin. The code.

WP Accessibility Helper (both Free and Pro versions) is a plugin for WordPress CMS. It is an all-in-one tool to improve your website accessibility. Our aim is to help you improve your website to comply with ADA, WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1, Section 508, and Israeli 5568 AAstandards.

There is no need to rewrite the code or change your website structure for our plugin to work. However, your website code should follow the basic semantic structure. WAH Pro has numerous tools to finetune settings according to your website needs and its features are updated regularly.


Our story.

Our journey started in Israel in 2014 when most of the websites were very poorly accessible to people with certain impairments. It bothered us and the people around us, so we decided to do something about it. Starting with a basic set of features, we continued developing on our journey of changing the Internet for the better, one website at a time.

Along the way It was incredibly inspiring that we found so many people, who liked our product and provided invaluable input that helped us optimize and improve our code, taking into account your requests and suggestions. We continue to value your feedback, as we go forward. Please do let us know what you find important, feel free to submit any feedback or suggestions to us and we’ll be happy to improve further.

Today, we take pride in the fact that our versions of WP Accessibility Helper serve over 30,000 websites worldwide. Every day we continue to receive a significant number of suggestions for improving our plugin and this is all thanks to you! We will continue to work hard on improvements and new releases and will ensure execution quality worthy of your trust.

WP Accessibility Helper success is your success!

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