We are all equal!

Our goal is to facilitate your access to information without any barriers. The ability to use, choose and create should be open to everyone. Whether you have only a keyboard or a screen reader device,  should be sufficient to do what you want in your own way!

In the modern online world, you can learn remotely, access any information you want, buy online and create awesome things only sitting in front of your computer.

WAH Accessibility Services works hard to give you that opportunity without any limitations. We are trying to “remove any limits” on the web and turn inaccessible to accessible for everyone.

The Plugin. The code.

WP Accessibility Helper (free and pro) is the plugin for WordPress CMS. It is a great tool to improve your website accessibility level.
Our main target is to bring your website to AA level according to WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1, Section 508, Israeli 5568 AA compliances.

There is no need to rewrite the code or change the website structure. However, your website should be written in a basic semantic structure.

WAH Pro has numerous tools to tune the plugin settings according to your website’s needs. The plugin features are updated constantly. Our support team considers our customer’s feedback. It is important to us since it is important to You!

WAH Team.

Our journey started in Israel in 2014 when most of the sites were not accessible to people with certain restrictions. It bothered us, our colleagues, and you. We thought for a long time about how we could at least slightly improve or change it for the better.

At first, we released a free version of our WordPress plugin to understand how much it will be in demand and whether it will actually help people in general. To our (pleasant) surprise, we found a huge number of people who liked our plugin. We have done a tremendous job in terms of optimization and code quality, taking into account all your requests and wishes!

Today, the free version of WP Accessibility Helper serves over 20,000 sites around the world. Every day we receive a huge number of suggestions for improving and promoting our plugin and this is the merit of each of YOU.

Who we are

The future of creativity.

What next? The answer is “hard work”. We know what our customers want since it’s very important to us. Our creative development team is hands-on with the new releases of all our products. We are standing behind our code quality and your ideas.

WP Accessibility Helper success is your success!

The future of creativity