WAH Pro [ current version: 0.0.7]

Beautiful sidebar

Beautiful sidebar

WP Accessibility Helper PRO provides a better user experience with custom icons (icon font) for each button, with ability to disable/enable them from the admin panel. Ability to highlight page titles.

Widgets & Modal windows

Create your own buttons with easy accessible shortcodes. Create full controlled modal windows/dialogs from tinyMCE editor. All WAH PRO modal windows support WordPress shortcodes, so you can easily add Contact Form 7 or gallery shortcode to the modal window content.

Widgets & Modal windows
Sidebar layouts manager

Sidebar layouts manager

Easily switch from short to wide sidebar layout mode. Better user experience, more touch space for tablets and other touch devices, more readable buttons positioning for people with vision problems. There are three sidebar’s views: “Tower”, “Wide” and “Magic” – see video

WPML support

If you have WPML plugin installed, you can enable full WPML integration mode.

You will be able to save plugin settings per site language, control all plugin strings, buttons and more per site language!

WPML support
Accordion shortcode builder

Accordion shortcode builder

Ability to create an awesome accessible accordion and control over accordion settings, like “active accordion color”, “enable/disable animations” and more.

Image alt tooltip

**Currently on beta stage

  1. ability to display image alt
  2. if image doesn’t have an alt tag, or alt is empty, tooltip will not displayed
Image alt tooltip
Support and integration

Support and integration

All users requests will be processed and answered! Thank you for staying with us!

What inside?

  1. All free version features
  2. Accessibility Helper buttons with icon font ( on/off controls )
  3. More actions/filters for developers and better user experience
  4. Accessible popup windows/dialogs (WCAG 2.0 Level AA) with Contact Form 7 (or any WordPress shortcode) support – docs & examples
  5. Create accessible widgets/shortcodes from WordPress editor, all widgets in one place – docs & examples
  6. Ability to create “accessible mini bar”, 3 buttons with font resize, contrast and grey scale functionality – docs & examples
  7. User settings (underline links, highlight titles and links, contrast colors, remove animations) save with cookies ( page to page settings )
  8. Accessible accordion with customizer, that allows you control over accordion colors settings and more…
  9. Sidebar layout manager. 4 sidebar layouts: “Standart”, “Wide”, “Magic”, “Mini”

WAH PRO - Wordpress Plugin

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WP Accessibility Helper PRO

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WP Accessibility Helper PRO

$400.00 $320.00 320 400

WP Accessibility Helper PRO

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Have questions? We have the answers.

Is WAH PRO an add-on or a plugin?

WAH PRO is a stand alone plugin which does not require the free version to be installed.

Can I enable/disable sidebar widgets?

Yes you can! But there are sidebar widgets that will be displayed all the time: “Font resize” and “Contrast” colors.

How can I update from free to PRO?

  1. Purchase PRO version
  2. Uninstall free plugin version
  3. Install PRO plugin version and enjoy!

Filters/actions for developers?

Of course, you have a detailed list of available actions and filters. Find out more!

Support for PRO customer?

After providing your license key, you can submit a ticket via our support system

Where can I use this plugin?

On every WordPress website, but before, please read our minimal server requirements documentation