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WP Accessibility Helper
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Welcome to WP Accessibility Helper!

Thank you for looking into making your WordPress website accessible to everyone. You are in the right place. 

Our 30,000+ happy customers could tell you that making your website accessible in just a few clicks has never been easier. Instead, you can just click on this button and try it for yourself. You will find that WAH Pro allows you to quickly select the most frequently used accessibility profiles that immediately offer a template of settings fitting to any preference. Feel free to explore further for more precise finetuning and play around with the settings, we don’t mind.

WAH Pro is fully independent of outside servers, so it will not affect your loading speeds in any way.  Our affordable fees are independent of the number of your unique site pages while providing an extensive set of features to help your website adhere to the necessary standards.

Join us! Together we can make the Internet accessible to everyone!

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How it works?

Purchase the license
Select your plan according to your needs.
Install & configure the plugin
Select your theme and language, customize accessibility logo and setup mobile view.
Use it without limits
There is no traffic & additional server costs. One plugin covers all your pages.
$249.00 / year 249
$490.00 / year 490
$1,200.00 / year 1200
$2,400.00 / year 2400

Setup in less than 3 minutes!

  1. Download & install the plugin
  2. Select relevant options
  3. Update default titles & colors settings
  4. Push the save button
  5. Enjoy!

Intuitive Admin Area

All your accessibility settings in one place:

  1. Admin area screenshots
  2. Contrast & Color variations
  3. Adjust font size
  4. Remove styles and animations
  5. Underline and highlight links
  6. Focus user attention on content with Lights Off mode
  7. Dark & Light sidebar themes
  8. Easily import/export WAH Pro settings to your websites.
impressive admin area
Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop Widgets order

Simple widgets control:

  1. Enable/disable widgets
  2. Drag-n-drop to reorder items
  3. Attachments control center
  4. Adding custom CSS


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