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WP Accessibility Helper WAH Team - WordPress accessibility made easy!

WAH Team – tries to make the Internet more accessible absolutely for all users.

Our team makes a huge amount of effort to improve communication between users without dividing them into categories. Your opinion is very important to us. WAH support team listens to your every suggestion or comment. We try to do our best with the times and evolving technologies and standards.

Together we can create a more accessible Internet for all users!

WP Accessibility Helper – WordPress accessibility plugin!

WAH Updates

WAH Team works hard to bring to you better performance and UX. PHP 8 coming to WAH Pro!

If you are running PHP 8 on your web server and you have any issues, please report them here:

PHP 8 bug report


WP Accessibility Helper features:

Impressive Admin area

Impressive Admin area

All your accessibility site settings in one place:

  1. Contrast & Color variations
  2. Font resize
  3. Remove styles and animations
  4. Underline and highlight links
  5. Focus users attention on content with Lights Off mode
  6. Dark & Light sidebar themes

Save your time

Installation and setup in less than 3 minutes!

  1. Download & Install plugin
  2. Select relevant options
  3. Update default titles & colors settings
  4. Push the save button
  5. Enjoy!
Save your time
Import/export settings

Import/export settings

Import/export WAH Pro settings:

  1. Import plugin settings from JSON file
  2. Export current plugin settings to JSON file

A very useful feature for customers and agencies that manage several websites.

Drag & Drop Widgets order

Simple widgets control:

  1. Enable/disable widgets
  2. Drag-n-drop to reorder items
  3. Attachments control center
  4. Adding custom CSS
Drag & Drop Widgets order

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