WP Accessibility Helper PRO – shortcodes list

** Yellow buttons shows you rendered version of shortcode button. You can style it with a simple css code, those buttons displayed inline, so you can put it inline with your site content.

  1. Underline links example: [wah_pro_widget class=”underline-links-custom” title=”” type=”wah_underline_links”]
    [[wah_pro_widget class="underline-links-custom" title="" type="wah_underline_links"]]
  2. Images greyscale example: [wah_pro_widget class=”” title=”custom grayscale title” type=”wah_images_greyscale”]
    [[wah_pro_widget class="" title="custom grayscale title" type="wah_images_greyscale"]]
  3. Font resize example: [wah_pro_widget class=”” title=”” type=”wah_font_resize”]
    [[wah_pro_widget class="" title="" type="wah_font_resize"]]
  4. Disable animations example: [wah_pro_widget class=”” title=”” type=”wah_disable_animations”]
    [[wah_pro_widget class="" title="" type="wah_disable_animations"]]
  5. Readable Fonts example: [wah_pro_widget class=”” title=”” type=”wah_readable_fonts”]
    [[wah_pro_widget class="" title="" type="wah_readable_fonts"]]
  6. Invert Colors example: [wah_pro_widget class=”” title=”” type=”wah_invert_colors”]
    [[wah_pro_widget class="" title="" type="wah_invert_colors"]]
  7. Highlight Links example: [wah_pro_widget class=”” title=”” type=”wah_highlight_links”]
    [[wah_pro_widget class="" title="" type="wah_highlight_links"]]